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About Aerial Image Masters

Aerial Image Masters are excited to announce that we now have a branch in Portugal, and are fully licensed under Portuguese regulations. We are currently taking on exciting projects all across this beautiful country. Please get in touch to discuss any project you have in mind, we would love to help bring your projects to life!

Established in 2014, Aerial Image Masters is a drone filming and photography company based in Brighton, working locally as well as throughout the UK and Europe.

At Aerial Image Masters we have a passion for all things film and photography, with a speciality in the world of UAVs or “drones”. We are professional and dedicated to producing high quality film and photography for a large range of clients from TV & film, to music and promotional videos, sporting events, private events and functions and many other individually tailored projects.

We are excited by producing stunning film and images and love the challenge of creative projects. We work in full compliance with the CAA rules and regulations in order to ensure that your project is not only visually stunning, but is also up to the industry’s highest safety and privacy standards.

Our pilot, Daniel Lawrence is fully Civil Aviation Authority licensed and insured up to £5 million. We pride ourselves in developing a good working relationship with all our clients in order to gain unbeatable vantage points for filming your aerial project. With many years of experience flying drones, you can be confident that all aspects of safety are being adhered to.

Of course, it’s not just our excellent pilot that makes us top choice for aerial filming and photography. At Aerial Image Masters our dedicated camera operator, Zoë, also has passion for capturing the most stunning and unique film and images. Zoë loves the creativity of capturing film and stills from the air, as well as on the ground. In addition, we have a team of collaborators to ensure we provide the best possible service.

We just love working on any project, large or small, and would love to hear from you and chat about your ideas!

Unlock a New Perspective For Your Project.


Unlock a New Perspective For Your Project.