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About Aerial Filming

Aerial images are no longer solely for big-budget productions. The versatility afforded with drone technology allows for high, broadcast quality film and photography with an affordable price and portable kit!

Until very recently aerial filming and photography was only possible by the use of large rigs or helicopters. Now at a fraction of the time and cost, UAVs, or “drones”, allow for stunning productions that can be a creative as your imagination!

For aerial filming services, we provide a drone pilot plus a camera operator and have a choice of three drones all providing broadcast quality images up to 4k resolution.

With a “live feed” from the drone to the ground, our clients can view in real time the aspect and images we are gathering. This means that we can quickly react and adjust to gain the exact shot for our clients’ requirements.

One of the key benefits of aerial filming with drones is not only is it possible to gain incredible aerial images, but it can also be used very close to the ground for dynamic shots in the same way that you would use a steady cam or Ronin. This makes extremely versatile work achievable and ..

Of course, aerial filming is weather dependent, however we aim to work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that the most favourable conditions are optimised, and scheduling is moved in accordance with forecasts.

Services for aerial filming include

Aerial Filming for TV and Film: extra depth and perspective can be gained by using cinematic drone footage to capture a scene from a new and interesting vantage. As drones can also be flown close to the ground, as well as up to 400 feet height, they can be utilised in many dynamic ways to make TV and film work stand out. At Aerial Image Masters we have a large amount of experience working alongside directors and producers to capture exactly the desired images.

Aerial Filming for Promotional videos: aerial filming as part of a larger project really does add something extra special. Whether it is capturing static buildings to show an extra dimension when advertising a property for sale or as holiday lets; or action footage of individual or groups engaged in activities showcasing your business, we can advise and create the most stunning and dynamic footage.

Until recently, aerial filming was only possible using large rigs or air-based transport like helicopters. Drones, or UAV’s, now allow for stunning aerial footage to be captured at a fraction of the time and cost. We provide a drone pilot and a camera operator when working on aerial filming projects and have a choice of 2 different drones all of which deliver broadcast quality footage.

Another great benefit of using drones is that they can actually be used very close to the ground to get some really dynamic shots to couple with the aerial views. We work with live feeds to the ground, which means clients can monitor what we are capturing and also allows us to rapidly change whilst in the air, to ensure we are getting the right footage and impact.

About Aerial Filming Prices

Aerial Image Masters prices include a two person team, a pilot to fly the drone and a camera operator to capture the footage. In addition, we include all equipment, risk assessments, site checks and public liability insurance required to ensure your shoot run as smoothly as possible.

All footage is recorded in JPEG/MOV and RAW and will be given to you at the end of the shoot.

Aerial Filming – from £800 per day

Aerial Photography – from £250

Any travel and overnight expenses are charged in addition

Please contact us for an informal chat about your ideas and we can discuss the exciting possibilities available for your project.


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