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Aerial photography services provide accessible ways in which amazing images can be captured from the air. Advances in photographic technology mean that breath-taking images can now be taken that have been coveted by photographers since the invention of the camera itself. Using manned aircraft or drones, aerial photography is now able to provide images that few others would ever get to see. So put away your rockets, balloons and pigeons, and read more about what our aerial photography services have to offer!

Here at Aerial Image Masters, we use drones to carry out our aerial photography services. Whilst manned aircraft are also an option, we find that drones provide a much more cost effective, compact and accessible aerial photography option for our customers as well as often being safer, quicker and generally more practical.

Manned aircraft do have some advantages over drones in the aerial photography services they offer however.

Drones have a maximum altitude at which they are able to fly. This height restriction is set both by the available technology and by the law, so is really out of our hands. This means that manned aircraft are able to provide aerial photography services from a much higher perspective. Coupled with the longer flight times, it is evident that manned aircraft will continue to have a place offering aerial photography services, alongside drones, for the foreseeable future.

This being said, UAVs (drones) and manned aircraft both offer the same type of aerial photograph images, the most recognisable being the near vertical ‘birds eye view’ shot.

This vantage is fantastic for taking images necessary for planning and aerial photography services are often crucial for showing the scale and layout of large areas. Near vertical and true vertical pictures are different in that true vertical require special equipment to ensure the image is at an accurate 90 degrees from the ground. Topographical distortions can then be removed at the image processing stage to make the pictures suitable for scaled map making.

Two other types of shot that aerial photography services provide are high oblique and low oblique. These images are quite common and differ in that high oblique includes the horizon but low oblique does not.

Close up and wide shots are also provided by aerial photography services. These terms describe the way the subject is framed within the image. Close up: the image fills the frame. Wide: the subject is shown as part of its surroundings.

At Aerial Image Masters our aerial photography services can offer you all of these image types using the most practical and cost effective platform out there.

Why not consider commissioning aerial photography as part of an ongoing project? Aerial Image Masters can offer a low-cost expert service that is tailored to meet your unique requirements. With aerial photography from £250 per day and aerial filming at only £800 per day, Aerial Image Masters provide an accessible way to get the images and footage you require.

Unlock a New Perspective For Your Project.


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