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Drones have made aerial photography accessible to more people than ever. In the past capturing similarly stunning images would require photographers to hire aircraft or setup elaborate equipment. However, with the increased popularity and falling cost of drones, it is easier than ever for anyone to take striking aerial pictures from interesting and unique vantages. For many people drone photography has become a fun and interesting form of recreational activity. The accessibility of drones has also resulted in a burgeoning industry of professional drone photographers offering their services to commercial and private clients.

But using drones has a multitude of others additional advantages beyond the dramatic and eye-caching. Drones can also be used in a personal or commercial capacity to capture time-lapse images of construction progress. Whilst an arguably greater advantage of drones is that, as unmanned vehicles, they can be used to capture images in locations that would be difficult and/or dangerous for people to attempt to reach themselves.

The possible application of drones in photography is endless and only limited by your own needs and imagination.

Drones for photography

Multi-rotor drones are popular option for drone photography as their ability to remain stationary in the air allows the photographer ample time to line up and capture the perfect shot. These drones are also photographers’ favoured drones due to their vertical takeoff and landing capabilities. This allows the drone to be manoeuvred in tight or busy spaces, for example, a forest or busy city street.

As with all photography the quality of the camera is paramount when taking great pictures. Whilst the type of camera your drone can carry will be limited by its payload (the weight it is able to carry) a quality drone camera should be able to offer adjustable exposure times and the ability to take high definition video amongst its controls. Nevertheless, whilst the technology of drone photography is improving every day, there is as yet little comparison between the camera of a professional photographer and most drone cameras.

Drone Photography Services

Whilst it is possible and more cost-effective than ever for many people to now do drone photography of their own. Professional drone photography services now have many years of experience and the expertise to take amazing professional-quality photos on your behalf.

Hiring a drone photography service for your wedding, or any other big day, can make the event just a little bit more unique. Traditional wedding photos still have their place, but now more than ever people are taking advantage of drone technology to capture aerial shots and produce elaborate videos.

Drone photography services have also managed to cut costs and reduce risk in commercial settings. No longer is it necessary to hire expensive scaffolding to reached areas that would be otherwise inaccessible. Instead a professional drone photographer with their portable equipment can be set up quickly to get the images you need.

Whatever your needs Aerial Image Masters is able to provide unbeatable drone photography and filming services from £250 and £800 per day respectively. This includes risk assessments, site checks, and public liability insurance to ensure the smooth running of your project.

Unlock a New Perspective For Your Project.


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