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It is no longer necessary to have a large budget to commission a drone video. Advances in drone camera video technology has meant that drone videos of high quality can be produced quickly, conveniently and at accessible prices.

Previously, drone videos needed helicopters or large rigs to make filming possible. Drones or ‘UAV’s now ensure that drone videos can now be as big as your imagination will allow at a reasonable price and of assuredly high quality.

For drone camera videos, Aerial Image Masters give their customers the choice of three drones and provide a camera operator and qualified drone pilot to create broadcast quality drone videos of up to 4k resolution.

Using a cutting edge ‘live feed’ system that transfers the drone video directly from the drone camera to spectators on the ground, our customers can see in real time exactly what is being captured on the drone camera video. This means that the drone pilot and camera operator are then perfectly able to adjust their approach to meet customer requirements there and then, ensuring you the optimum drone video content every time.

A major benefit of shooting a drone camera video is that not only aerial images can be captured but dynamic, close to the ground shots are also possible. Meaning that you can have breathtaking footage from the air AND more traditional images that would usually be captured by a steady cam or Ronin.

It may seem obvious but filming a drone video is weather dependant. The weather does not need to hinder your project however, as Aerial Image Masters work closely with you and your schedule to make the most of favourable conditions and are flexible when plans have to change owing to the forecasts.

Drone video usage in film and TV provides depth and perspective that would otherwise be impossible. Scenes can be captured from more interesting angles from the ground to anywhere up to 400ft high, ensuring your drone video footage can be as exciting and creative as your imagination.

Here at Aerial Image Masters we have worked with leading directors and producers in the film and television industries to successfully meet their requirements and capture drone camera video footage that really has the wow factor.

Promotional videos are a great way to utilise stunning drone camera video footage, either as part of a larger project or to showcase something in particular. A building for sale or a plot of land for rent really come to life when captured via drone video. Just as effective are groups of people, shot by drone video when engaged in activities that promote your business. Please get in touch as we would love to advise you on the best way to use drone camera videos as a promotional tool.

By using drone video, clear, smooth running video footage or perfectly sharp precision shots can now be captured at a fraction of the time and cost of just a few years ago. Your package provides all you need to get both close to the ground dynamic shots and stunning aerial views.

Our professional and skilled pilot and camera operator will work together with you to ensure your requirements are met at every step and our use of ‘live-feed’ technology means that you can monitor the work and ask us to readjust if necessary.

Aerial Image Masters prices include a two person team; a pilot to fly the drone and a camera operator to capture the footage. In addition to this, we include all equipment, carry out risk assessments, site checks and have fully up to date public liability insurance required to ensure your shoot runs as smoothly as possible.

All footage is recorded in JPEG/MOV and RAW and will be given to you at the end of the shoot.

Aerial Filming – from £800 per day

Aerial Photography – from £250

Any travel and overnight expenses are charged in addition.

Please contact us for an informal chat about your ideas and we can discuss the exciting possibilities available for your project.

Unlock a New Perspective For Your Project.


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